Machine Age Turner: Archie Reed

Archie Reed (1908-1998)

A. V. Reed lived and worked in England. Below is an excerpt of a tribute by G. Brandon from the Society of Ornamental Turners Bulletin #99:

From his early years Archie was interested in ornamental turning which developed into a passion and, apart from a few brief excursions into clockmaking, it dominated his life. Through being a first class tool maker and superb craftsman he developed his hobby so successfully.

He joined the Society of Ornamental Turners in the early days and his superb work in ivory, his friendly attitude, and willingness to help other members made him very popular.

He threw himself into the spirit of the Society and made a considerable contribution to the advancement of he art. He wrote many articles for the Bulletin, helped solve problems, developed new techniques, invented new apparatus for use on the lathe and before his death he became one of the finest living classical turners.

Over the years he won many medals for his superb work both from the Society and the Worshipful Company of Turners.

History takes good care of soldiers, statesmen and authors. But alas little is known, even among mechanics, of the men whose work was mainly within the engineering profession, and who served other engineers rather than the general public. Few realize that their art is fundamental to all modern industrial arts. They were busy men and modest, whose records are mainly in mechanical devices which are used daily with little thought of their origin.

Joseph Wickham Roe, author of "English and American Tool Builders" (1916)