Information Age Turner: Pledge & Aldworth Engine Turners

Pledge & Aldworth (1978-2009)

Pledge & Aldworth Engine Turners was an independent firm, wholly owned by David Pledge. They were established in 1978, providing an international engine turning service for the whole trade from artist-craftsmen to volume manufacturers at the very finest quality for all types of work.

In 2007, they published an online Illustrated Engine Turning Reference, a free educational resource for students, designers and craftsmen that offered "everything you ever wanted to know about engine turning."

Advertisement from former Pledge & Aldworth website

At that time they were advertising engine turnering for all types of work -- gold, silver, luxury goods, jewellery, horological and writing instruments -- including volume production using a "unique 3D low-relief CAD/CAM engine turning system."

In 2008 and 2009 they moved their business location and by 2010 the website was no longer active.

It is sad to think that a group supposedly interested in the history of these fine machine tools would knowingly take part in artificially driving up the price to the point where even senior fellows in the field of O.T. can no longer afford to acquire the tools of their beloved calling, putting them in a terrible bind. Unfortunately narrow profit seekers, who know next to nothing of the history, traditions, and quality associated with Holtzapffel lathes, continue to menace the future of O.T.

Warren Green Ogden, Jr., from "Notes on the History and Provenance of Holtzapffel Lathes" (1987)

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