Victorian Era Toolmakers: Overview

Toolmakers of the Victorian Era

Undoubtedly, the makers of ornamental turning tools during the Victorian Era did their fair share of ornamental turning. However, their greatest contribution was in developing the tools to further expand the reach and design of ornamental turning.

Firms that made OT equipment or apparatus were in their greatest numbers during the Victorian Era. In addition to those with detailed pages below, other makers included: Britton, Joseph Buck, Pudsey Dawson, Bryan Donkin, Joesph Fenn, Fieldhouse, Henry S. Frost, Gagni, William Gill, Kennen, Lang, Lergier, Henry Maudslay, William Mills, Henry Milnes, Melhuish, A. Morton & Co., Overton, Andrew Paterson, Pittler, Richard Roberts, Sibley and more.

Individual inventors who created "one-off" OT apparatus (often later made by other manufacturers) are placed within the "turners" category, as they likely spent more time lathe turning than machining parts.

Toolmakers of the Victorian Era

They will get tired of looking for a two-seater to cross the road and it will all come back again.

John George Holtzapffel Budd (in the closing hours of the Holtzapffel firm)


Holtzapffel rose engine lathe #1636, first sold on December 1838.